Our Mission

Empower positive change by promoting kindness, goodwill, and enriching the lives of others through Kindness and EMT Scholarships.

The Travis River Jones Foundation was established in honor of our beloved son and brother, Travis. Travis graduated from San Dimas High School in 2022, where he participated in cross country, track, wrestling, and the mascot team. Travis loved being at school and making memories with his friends. After graduation Travis immediately attended American EMT school as the first step to pursue his dream of becoming a paramedic firefighter. Once certified, he worked full time for Falck Ambulance while also balancing a full-time workload at Chaffey Community College. Tragically, on February 25th, 2023, he lost his life in a car accident caused by a reckless driver while he was stopped at a traffic light. In the wake of his passing, an outpouring of stories from friends, family, and educators highlighted his extraordinary kindness. These stories inspired the creation of the TRJ Foundation which proudly awards the Power of Kindness Scholarship and Travie River EMT Scholarship. Since its inception in 2023, our foundation has awarded over $13,950 to deserving recipients with the Jones family covering all fees and administrative costs of the foundation. Rest assured, every dollar raised directly funds these scholarships. The Travis River Jones Foundation holds 501(c)(3) nonprofit status, making your generous donations tax-deductible.